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September 05 2017

Autumn approaches
and the heart begins to dream–
— Bashō, from The Sound of Water: Haiku by Bashō, Buson, Issa, and Other Poets (trans. Sam Hamill with illustrations by Kaji Aso)
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Reflection Lake at Mount Rainier.

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Bogie and Bacall

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Lauren Bacall photographed by Nina Leen for Life magazine at Gotham Hotel in New York, May 1945.

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the big mood of the twin peaks finale

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Orpheus Leading Eurydice from the Underworld
Jean Baptiste Camille Corot, 1861.

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February 24th 1989 - Twin Peaks Pilot (1990) | Twin Peaks The Return: Part 17 (2017)

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Mulder: I have a theory if you want to hear it.

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Sun & Moon Doodles

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Margeurites in the Meadow
William Page Atkinson Wells
Date unknown

Paisley Museum and Art Galleries (Scotland)
Painting - oil on canvas
Height: 62 cm (24.41 in.), Width: 74 cm (29.13 in.)

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Neon Soul // Alexandra Elle

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I let millie display her creative side last night. Truly one of the greatest artists of our generation.

Medium: bird foot in canvas, non-toxic watercolor

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Laura Marling at Moseley Folk Festival, 3rd September 2017.

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Vance Creek Bridge // Shpak

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